About Us

We have been travelling to the African continent with our son and daughter during the past 12 years. Over time, it became a long-cherised wish to have our own private space in the bush. We eventually decided for South-Africa to fulfill our wish and the built of Lamula Lodge was completed in the beginning of 2020.

The House

The house was built under architecture of Nick Plewman, renowed for his work in the safari industry. The idea was to have an intimate place, big enough to stay with the family or group of friends but with the feeling of staying in the wilderness. Lamula Lodge has it all. It’s spacious but you will feel really at home in the bush!

Architect: Plewman architects

Lamula Lodge

The name “Lamula Lodge” was long sought after. But actually very obvious. In the local language in means “fruit of the orange tree” and “orange”, which is a reference to our Dutch origin. Later we learned that “Lamula Lodge” also means “stop fighting” in shangaan.

the interior

To create a lodge environment yet the feeling of a bush home, interior designer Cate Simpson worked closely together with us. She immediately understood what kind of feeling we were seeking for. The house is tastefully decorated with a “touch of orange”. A lot of decorative items such as lighting, mirrors, carpets and cushions were handmade locally and/or especially made for Lamula Lodge.

Interior Design: Reflecting Africa
Photography: Elsa Young

We would like to accommodate you, and let you experience the magic of Africa. Share the passion with us and book your next holiday at Lamula Lodge. If you go to the reservations page you will be forwarded to the management of Elephant Point, where you can ask any further question, if you do not find it on our website.

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